The 1st Mobile VAS Network Operator in Africa

The 1st Mobile VAS Network Operator in Africa

GTS Africa at a Glance

Since its inception in 2002, Global Telecom Services (GTS) Africa’s objective is to become the first Mobile VAS Network Operator (a new type of MVNO B2B) in Africa through its local operations, specialized in the provision of Mobile VAS Numbers (branded as GTS numbers) dedicated to business Application platforms, enabling interactive VAS communications with mobile consumers over digital channels (Voice/Video, SMS/MMS) via Mobinawa App and GSM channels (Voix, SMS, USSD).

The provision of VAS numbering service in each country is subject to:

  • The acquisition of virtual network typed license with range of VAS long numbers (called Longcodes) organized in different tariff bands in the national numbering plan.
  • The signing of interconnectivity agreements with each Mobile Network Operator for the setup of local SIP interconnection links and operation of these VAS long numbers for Voice and SMS services.

Currently operating in Cameroon and Nigeria, each GTS-Infotel company owing a VAS Shortcode licence has for more than 10 years, been a leading local VAS Aggregator, specialized in the provision of premium SMS Shortcodes services across local GSM networks to Enterprises and VAS Providers.

With the technical assistance of GTS Africa, the 2 local companies have recently been granted a new type of virtual network licence with ranges of VAS long numbers, allowing each of them to become the first “MVNO B2B” specialized in the provision of VAS long numbers services to Businesses.

Thanks to the large experience of its founder through his pioneering role in the development and operation of GSM mobile networks for 10 years, and his pioneering role in the development of mobile VAS business for 15 years, Dr.-Ing. Pierre-François KAMANOU has designed the GTS network: the first of its kind virtual network in Africa dedicated to local digital mobile communications services for personal and professional use, in order to keep local traffic locally.

The launch of GTS network in each country will enable any type and size of enterprise to provide to its mobile digital end-users target (consumers and employees), various types of conversational and transactional based communication services on a single GTS number over Voice/Video and SMS/MMS channels, with carrier-grade features.

Hence, any Enterprise/Organization in each country can now be identified by a single GTS Number (instead of multiple fixed & GSM numbers and Shortcodes) in order to offer multiple types of conversational & transactional communication services, as well as to use VAS offered by other Providers.

GTS Africa will progressively extend its GTS network offering to other countries in Africa, through the setting up of affiliates with local partners, for the acquisition of Virtual network typed licenses with VAS long numbers ranges.

GTS Africa has devoted significant funding in "Research and Development" towards the analysis and evaluation of the technological platforms of various international vendors of products for the provision of various types of mobile Business VAS solutions, to fulfill the particular requirements of the African market.

Our Vision

To simplify and improve the Business Communication Experience in the digital era by bridging the gap between mobile telecom networks and Internet networks for full Enterprise’s ICT Convergence.

Our Mission

To be the leading pan-African Mobile VAS Network Operator, providing GTS numbers to Businesses for end-to-end authenticated and secured digital VAS communications with mobile Consumers

Our Philosophy

The sustainable development of mobile VAS segment in the era of digital economy in Africa relies mainly on the setup of an ecosystem that allows all the players involved in the value chain to earn equitably.

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