The VAS long number

The 1st Mobile VAS Network Operator in Cameroon, a new type of MVNO for Business VAS communication solutions.


The Mobinawa App


    Our VAS long numbers range also called 8prefix-longcodes are part of the national numbering plan and allocated by the Telecommunication Regulatory board (ART).

The provision of a 8prefix-longcode assigned to a business customer consists of its activation and configuration of the customer’s Voice service account on the GTS-VoIP Switch core network, for the reception and routing of inbound voice calls.

Depending on the customer requirement, this account can be linked to the GTS-Unified Communication & Collaboration platform (UCCP) or can be linked to any VoIP Application platform hosted & managed by the customer via SIP protocol through Public Internet or local Internet via a member of CAMIX, the local Internet Exchange Point.

In option, a 8prefix-longcode can also support the following services:

* Outbound Voice call

2-way SMS messaging 

  Accessible by Access tariff Basic service
  Mobinawa subscribers
GSM subscribers
Free of charge
Standard off-net tariff
Inbound Voice/Video/SMS
Inbound Voice/SMS


Benefits of the VAS long Number.

 The introduction of the VAS long Number services offering in each country will bring the following features and benefits for Enterprises:

1.    Availability of “native & active” mobile virtual numbers dedicated to cloud business communications platforms and accessible via Mobinawa network on Mobinawa App (smartphones & tablets) or via Fixed & GSM networks.

2.    No need for multiple contact numbers for inbound calls, SMS, USSD - Communication to the public of a unique number that identifies the Company, so that consumers (identified by their mobile numbers) can easily find it in the online directory of the Mobinawa App in order to facilitate, to authenticate and to secure Voice & Messaging communication transactions with the Company.

3.    Increasing the reliability & security of the connection link between Consumers via Mobinawa App and Business VAS Platforms, avoiding the transit on GSM networks.

4.    No more CAPEX for private network infrastructure (E1links, PABX, Cabling, fixed phones): Integration of VAS Communications into the data network of the Enterprise, allowing the evolution of the IT function to the ICT function.

5.    No more missed calls: Reception on a single number of multiple concurrent calls and routed to multiple corporate sites or employee smartphones thus improving the quality of the call attendant and customer service.

6.    Company Phone System becomes mobile: Integration via any softphone app of SIP account extension of employee in their smartphone for professional use, regardless of their personal mobile numbers (BYOD Model).

7.    Control of all inbound & outbound calls with online access to detailed statistics.

8.    Unlimited and Free of Charge on-net Calls (Voice, Video) & Messaging (SMS, MMS) from Mobinawa end-users to VAS long numbers.

9.    Unlimited and Free of Charge Voice Calls between staffs within an Enterprise and between staffs of 2 Enterprises.

10. Reduced Cost of external calls (VoIP & Messaging) from an Enterprise to Mobinawa numbers and to mobile numbers.

Enabling a sustainable development of a large number of Digital Service Providers through a direct interaction with Mobinawa consumers in the Mobinwa Network, which is suitable for the promotion, distribution and monetization of premium mobile Content & Apps on revenue share basis.

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