The GTS-Cloud MCCP

The Multichannel Contact Center Platform

The GTS-Cloud MCCP

The GTS-Cloud MCCP

   GTS-Cloud MCCP is a hosted and managed Multichannel Contact Center platform associated to the Infotel number of the Company and enabling her to offer a modern contact & support center services to their mobile digital consumers target.

It is a cheaper and efficient solution enables interactive communication service between digital consumers and the company’s representatives, through multiple channels:

    • Email address
    • Web form on the Corporate Website
    • VAS long Number : for Voice/Video call and SMS message
    • Social networks: Facebook or Twitter.

GTS-Cloud MCCP supports all the standard & advanced helpdesk features to ensure efficient management of customer support such as the automatic generation & closing of tickets related to each client request. It can be seamlessly integrated to Google Contacts or any customer database of the company.

The GTS-Cloud MCCP solution is designed for any type of enterprise wishing to integrate its multiple digital communication channels into a single platform in order to create interactivity with their audience (prospects and customers) whereby improving their customers’ relationship management (CRM) and helpdesk services, or to introduce new innovative services.

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